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What is a Custom BizCosts® Report?

Simply put, a custom BizCosts® Report is the counterpart of a cost-of-living report. A BizCosts® Report measures the comparative cost of doing business for a specific industry or distinct corporate function in a series of different geographic locations. The focus of a custom BizCosts® Report can be a specific industry or industry group (plastics, aerospace, distribution warehousing pharma, motor vehicle parts, e.g.) or a particular corporate function (headquarters, back office, R&D, e-commerce, I.T., customer service, e.g.).

What Costs are Included in a Custom BizCosts® Report?

Business operating costs included in a custom BizCosts® Report are termed geographically-variable, that is to say, those operating costs that vary significantly by geography. Depending on the BizCosts® Report, these geographically-variable business costs may include:

  • Labor Costs (by industry-specific job titles, including benefits)
  • Construction Costs (office, manufacturing, distribution, research)
  • Lease Costs (industrial, class-A office, class-B office, warehouse, research);
  • Utilities (telecommunications, electric power, natural gas)
  • Shipping Costs
  • Property Taxes
  • Sales Taxes
  • Land Costs (industrial, commercial, office, research)
  • Financing and Amortization Costs
  • Travel Costs (on-site and air travel)
  • Other costs that drive the corporate site selection process and dictate industry-wide competitiveness.

What is the Source of the BizCosts® Data?

Distinguishing custom BizCosts® Report is the fact that they are grounded in empirical field research conducted in candidate cities and draw from The Boyd Company’s five decades of corporate site selection casework and client cost-positioning. Feedback from Boyd clients in the field and other reliable third-party sources further augment the BizCosts® proprietary data bank.

How is the BizCosts® Data Presented?

Operating costs in a custom BizCosts® Report are annualized and scaled to the client’s model plant, office or warehouse. The factor-by-factor format of the cost exhibits easily allows the client to further tailor the BizCosts® data to reflect alternate scales of operation and growth expectations. When off-shore locations are included, costs are presented in U.S. dollars at prevailing exchange rates.

What Comparative Locations Can Be Included in a BizCosts® Report??

U.S. and international comparative cities can be included in each custom BizCosts® Report based on the client’s specific research and planning needs.

Sample BizCosts® Report

Shown below are the factor-by-factor cost exhibits typically included in a custom BizCosts® Report. Click on each to review.

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